• How to Split all PDFs from a Singe multipage PDF.

    Sometimes we got a PDF with numerous pages and we want to extract some specific pages which are having required details so taking screenshots or copying the content might become a haunting situation. But there is a tool **PDF Splitter**, which works flawlessly as it can split a PDF into multiple PDFs.


    Some easy steps to extract PDFs from a single PDF file.


    1.                   You need to download the installer from the official website.

    2.                   Now Install it.

    3.                   Open the software and you will see a window which is a home window of the software.

    4.                   Select the **Split PDF File** option.

    5.                   A new window will open and now select the PDF you want to split by clicking on the **Browse** button.

    6.                   Now select the output path for the PDFs.

    7.                   Once it is done, now select the Splitting options i.e. **Pages Per PDF**

    8.                   There are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 10 Options or you can give a custom number to split the PDFs per page.

    9.                   Once the preferred option is selected click on the **Split PDF files**

    10.               Your PDFs are separated.


    This tool can not only split PDFs but also merge them back or other PDFs set security on PDFs, remove passwords, and many more.



    For more information Visit the official website – **PDF Champ**

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