• Is there any way to set password or security on a PDF?

    Sometimes we may want to send some confidential information to someone through PDFs but we also don’t want the information to be breached as it could create trouble for us. so, here comes the solution, there is a tool i.e. PDF LockerI have been using this tool since the first time I got the problem and still got no issues with the tool.


    Follow these 10 simple steps to set security on a PDF.


    1.       Get the installer from the website and install it.

    2.       Once the installation is done, launch the app.

    3.       After that, you will get the home interface which is super easy to use.

    4.       You may see some options but to add a password to a PDF, click on the set security option.

    5.       A new window will come up and there you have to first select the PDF that you want to lock.

    6.       Enter a password in the password column.

    7.       You will see 4 restrictions features.

    8.        Restrict user to print PDF – Locked PDF cannot be printed

    9.       Restrict users to copy the text and graphics – Locked PDF data cannot be copied (Read only).

    10.    Restrict users to add Annotations – Watermarks or any type of signs cannot be added in a locked PDF

    11.    Restrict users to edit the PDF – Locked PDF cannot be edited.

    12.    After selecting the restrictions, select a location for the locked PDF.

    13.    Once all is done, hit the Generate PDF button.

    14.    Enjoy!


    If you have set security on a PDF, you can also remove security from a locked PDF. the tools can also split, merge PDFs and add/remove watermarks

    from a PDF



    For more details visit the official website of PDF Champ – https://www.pdfpasswordremover.pdfchamp.com/

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