how to get best job in mechnical engineering

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  • problem have faith in God and be patient. But apart from this is want to add some point. As a fresher if you want to do Job in core companies directly without qualifying gate or Je or so many reputed exam, than you have to go to door-to-door of a company in Sidcul areas where there are lot of company and submit your resume. In India, Gujrat,Ahmedabad, haridwar, Delhi and so on places where there are bunch of companies and they are also hiring directly with small formalities of Interview but they providing less in terms of salary but once you get a job than work hard there, earn knowledge Nd get experience than you can switch companies or same company will give you handsome salary after one or two years. Apart from this if you are interested in teaching than also there is lot of colleagues who are hiring Fresher for teaching and for lab also. So u can do the same. Again if you don't want to go in teaching field and you required job urgently than you can go in call centre, they are hiring fresher and once you have other option than easily you can switch your Job. Some of the good options are: MTech/ME in Design/Fluid Mechanics/Gas Dynamics/ Production/Robotics/Mechatronics/CAD-CAE etc. Prepare & Attempt GATE-2017 & try to get a good rank. With a good gate rank u may land a job in a PSU or a seat for MTech in IISc/IIT. Enrol for PhD in Mechanical Engineering followed by Post Doctoral Studies Attempt CAT-PGDBM/MBA - from Ivy league colleges Enrol for MSc in statistics- Data Scientist Do Any certificate course in Quality Management Learn a few softwares like Ansys, Fluent, CFX, SolidWorks etc etc. Prepare for interviews. Have a good future ahead...

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