• Migration of HSM Keys

    I am Working in the payment domain as a back-end developer.

    One of the tasks is we need to migrate all the Keys from the legacy system to the new system.

    Could you please give some pointers, on how keys can be migrated?

    What I think can be done as below, but it can get some materials for reference – 

    1. In New system, we will generate LMK and using this, will generate ZMK.

    2. ZMK, need to be shared with the Legacy system.

    3. Legacy systems will use ZMK to encrypt the keys stored in their system like ZPK, CVVK, PVK, CAVVK.

    4. Once encrypted, Keys will be shared with New System.

    5. New system will decrypt the keys using ZMK(generated earlier).


    Then any data in the legacy system can be shared encrypted using its keys since these keys are shared with New system, so New system will use shared keys to decrypt the data for usage.


    Please correct me if anything is incorrect and let me know if any material for reference.





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