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    1.what is global payments system?..  How is this different from Swift and ACH? 

    2. NACHA is just a regulatory body for ACH system or a seperate payments system altogether? 

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  • SWIFT mostly handles following

    - Provides a network

    - Releases and maintains standards (that will be used over the network)

    - provides applications e.g SAA, SAG etc. (there are also 3rd parties who provides these)

    + many more

    SWIFT is used for cross-boarder payments and also in some domestic RTGS


    There is nothing such as global payment system, any bank which has presense over different geographical regions and provides payments capabilities then they will have a system which can handle the payment across the globle, that can be referred as globa payment system.


    NACHA is a regulator then actual clearing house EPN and FedACH

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