We Prioritize Transaction Security

All our transactions are very safe no need to worry about any hack.
Secure Payments
E2E Encryption
2 Step Verification
RTR Assesment

We Offer Wide Range of Usage

Simple Access

Restaurant & Hotel

Feast your cravings from a huge variety of options on ZB Cards

Tap & Pay

Academics Expense

No more worrying about standing in long queues to pay school fees, make payments with just a click on your phone

All-in-one Payment App


To pay for your purchases at a retail outlet,a supermarket, a shopping mall or an Online Website, just present your card at the billing counter.

Secure Transactions

Contactless Payments

Make instant, easy and safe payments with just a tap of your card or smartphone

Simple Access

Utilities Bills

Paying your utility bills has never been so easy with features like Auto Pay, Register & Pay and Fast Pay.

Tap & Pay

QR Code

Make your payments seamlessly and securely with ZB Cards QR Code facility

Fuel payments

Using a ZB Card to pay for fuel is a convenient and easy way to make a purchase

In-Flight Payment

Paying for in-flight purchases with a card is a convenient way to make purchases while traveling.

All Tekkies

At All Tekkies, we offer a wide range of prepaid cards to our customers, providing customization options and incorporating robust security features. Our cards are designed to provide users with a sense of freedom and peace of mind when accessing them globally.

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