ZB Card offers a cloud-native platform with an API-based approach, enabling banks, FinTech companies, and SME Corporate to swiftly deploy cards for their employees and families. Users benefit from a seamless digital on boarding process and receive instant digital cards, with the choice of also obtaining physical cards. The platform effortlessly integrates with third-party Payment Service Providers (PSPs) through pre-built APIs, ensuring smooth compatibility with various KYC systems or PSPs. Furthermore, integration with Token Service Providers (TSPs) allows for convenient Push Provisioning to third-party wallet providers.

Digital On Boarding
It offers businesses a more convenient and streamlined way to accept card payments, while also reducing the risk of fraud and chargebacks.It involves using technology to facilitate the orientation and training of new user remotely.
Card Issuance
ZB Card provides Technologies as a service and a platform to enable a bank or corporate facilitate their end users to instantly receive a digital card (Prepaid) by following few simple steps during the on-boarding process.The card issuance process is secure.
Easy Integration
The platform can be plugged into a 3 rd party PSP (Payment Service Provider or issuer) by using pre-build APIs. The Pre-build APIs stack has the capability to integrate with any 3 rd party KYC Systems or PSPs with minimum amount of time.
Transaction History
ZB cardholders can access their transaction history through various means, including online banking, mobile apps, or paper statements.If they find any discrepancies or fraudulent activity, they should report it to the credit card issuer immediately.

On Board Yourself

OnBoarding yourself for card payment is an important step in setting up your business to accept card payments from customers. It allows you to expand your payment options, increase customer convenience, and potentially increase your revenue.

Add Your Secondary Member

Adding secondary members to your card payment account can have benefits, such as allowing family members or employees to make purchases on your behalf, earning rewards for their purchases, and potentially improving their credit scores.

Delegate Power

Delegate power to initiate card payments to your customers by providing them with a self-service option. This would allow you to delegate the responsibility of handling card payments to the customers, while maintaining the terms of the transaction.

The Platform Empowers Users with Various Features and Functions

Various Card Control

Fund Transfer (Push & Pull)

MCC Based Control

Split Payment

We Provide Solutions for SMES, Corporates, Banks and Financial Institutes

All Tekkies

At All Tekkies, we offer a wide range of prepaid cards to our customers, providing customization options and incorporating robust security features. Our cards are designed to provide users with a sense of freedom and peace of mind when accessing them globally.


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