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All Tekkies is One of the largest online community for programmers to
learn, share their knowledge and build their careers.

What’s our story?

There is no end to knowledge

Sharing your knowledge increases your knowledge too. ‘All Tekkies’ provides you a platform to connect with experts and gives the opportunity to contribute towards the good society. ‘All Tekkies’ is an online platform to ask questions, get useful high quality answers, and share knowledge. It empowers people to learn from each other and better understand the world.

Learn and Grow With Us

· Spread your own knowledge and gain more.
· High impact problems are solved with creative and new directions at ‘All Tekkies’.
· Work togetherness.
· We celebrate our success with our mentors and members.
· Our Tekkies are with the wide range of experience and perspectives.

Special about us

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Future Plans

We aim high and do every possible try to get things done.
We are nimble in processes and ready to adopt the changing world.
Ever ready to accept the advice from our Tekkies and members
We are committed to improve our site continuously and provide an Android and iOS Mobile App soon in future.


Our mission is to spread the best knowledge throughout the world. ‘All Tekkies’ is an incredible place where you are pushed to beyond your abilities and become more thoughtful.


‘All Tekkies’ is to be an equal opportunity that values diversity. We do not discriminate on the bases of religion, race, cast, color, nationality, gender, age or disability status.

Everyone is heartily welcome to ‘All Tekkies’.